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Chapter 2 - Into The Multiverse: The Future of Psychedelic Wellness X Microdosing 11.3.21

16 November, 2021

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A dinner series brought to you by The Multiverse.
We believe that together, we rise.
We are gathering remarkable thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates in our community from diverse sides of the industry to engage in conversation about the promising momentum of psychedelics.

Step into the Multiverse with us...


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Lauren Taus (@lauren.taus) - Psychedelic Assisted Therapist

Blü (@bluofearth) - Transformational Guide, Content Creator, & Artist

Christian Gonzalez, MD (doctor.gonzalez) - Integrative Oncology, Chronic Disease, & General Medicine

Alli Schaper (allischaper) - Co-Founder & CEO of The Multiverse

Danielle Broida (@danielleryanbroida) - Registered Herbalist & Holistic Nutritionist, National Educator for Four Sigmatic

Alli Schaper

Alli is an enthusiast of all things community-building, health, and mushrooms 🍄. Passionate about bringing psychedelics to the mainstream wellness conversation 🌈.