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Inside the Psychedelic Medicine Industry - with Payton Nyquvest | EP 3

25 October, 2021

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Alli is joined today by Payton Nyquvest, CEO of Numinus, a publicly traded psychedelic wellness company. They dive deep on all things psychedelic healing, and the psychedelic industry as a whole. Numinus is a new approach to mental health, and is revolutionizing the way we see therapy. So Payton shares what he has learned from building a business in this new industry, and his views on others as they enter into the space.


About Guest

― Payton Nyquvest

Payton is a former Director, VP and Head of Sales at Mackie Research Capital, with 15 years of experience focusing on early-stage companies in multiple industries including technology, health-care/biotech, cleantech and Cannabis. He has raised over $100M for 100+ public and private companies and facilitated numerous IPOs.

He founded Numinus after recognizing a gap in the healthcare system, and out of a lifelong interest in health, wellness and personal development, triggered by mental health and chronic autoimmune problems in his earlier years.

Insta - @paytonnyquvest & @numinusinc

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Alli Schaper

Alli is an enthusiast of all things community-building, health, and mushrooms 🍄. Passionate about bringing psychedelics to the mainstream wellness conversation 🌈.