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  • Chapter 2 - Into The Multiverse: The Future of Psychedelic Wellness X Microdosing 11.3.21

    A dinner series brought to you by The Multiverse. We believe that together, we rise. We are gathering remarkable thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates in our community from diverse sides of the industry to engage in conversation about the promising momentum of psychedelics.

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sleep and to Reduce Your Stress

    Tiredness is a hugely common and growing concern among adults. This ever-increasing problem is worrying because when we're tired, we start to jeopardize our health, immunity and concentration levels, all of which could lead to much more significant issues if not addressed quickly. Particularly considering the mayhem and madness of 2020!

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  • How Merging Mushrooms With Stress Management Could Help You Live Longer!

    Throughout life, everyone experiences feelings of stress and, in short bursts, this experience can be not only good for you but incredibly useful. According to experts, short term stress boosts performance as well as firing up our immune system.

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  • Mushrooms & Other Awesome Immune System Boosters

    Maintaining a healthy immune system is vital for your overall health and wellbeing, this will help to ensure that your body can fight off illness easier, while keeping your body at its fittest.

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  • The Mind-blowing Nutritional Value of Mushrooms!

    Edible mushrooms have been used medicinally for centuries. Rumour has it that even ancient Pharaohs enjoyed this fungi so much, they declared them royalty food and forbid commoners from touching them.

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  • The SuperPower of Mushrooms

    There is not a single area of your body that mushrooms cannot benefit. Mycelial magic knows no bounds! Mushrooms are incredibly good for your muscles, your mind, your heart, your muscles, your blood sugar and your gut health. Edible mushrooms are high in selenium, antioxidants, zinc, vitamins, and beta-glucans, which are key nutrients for living a healthy life.

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  • 6 Powerful new Superfoods For 2021 (Including Mushrooms)

    Superfoods are super because they harness a very high nutrient density, which means more bang for your buck – energy and health-wise. Aside from boosting your health and wellbeing and being, well, flippin' awesome – they integrate into your diet easy as 1,2, 3! And guess what? They are particularly well suited to vegan diets and anti inflammatory diets.

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  • Are Mushrooms the Future of Wellness?

    Mushrooms are INCREDIBLE. From every angle, they are as biologically impressive as they are tasty as they are ridiculously beneficial to human health. Mushrooms are so magical in fact that the mycologist Paul Stamets, best known for the TED Talk "6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World," described mushrooms as "nature's miniature pharmaceutical factories." Moreover, closer to us than the plant kingdom, we share a few genetic features with our fungi friends!

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  • Misunderstood Magic

    Fungi species have been used for thousands of years as medicine, and I have no doubt that ancient healers are likely eye rolling at western society’s recent revelations at the potential for mushrooms to heal our bodies. While this ‘aha’ moment isn’t news to those who are familiar with traditional Chinese medicine, I’m elated to report that these powerful and mysterious creatures are emerging from the shadows.