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Prana Fuel

Prana Fuel believes in consuming fresh, organic foods that are high frequency. Consuming high frequency substances has been rewarded by yogis and monks as a way to raise your frequency, which can result in heightened consciousness, vitality, higher thought forms and stronger intuition. Prana Fuel wanted to create a product that could harness the power of high frequency medicinal herbs and mushrooms in an easy to take way, and feel the benefits of a pre-workout without putting low-vibration, harsh ingredients into our bodies.  Prana Fuel's grown-to-order method ensures that the mushrooms in your supplement are fresh and pure, and product is never mixed with harsh fillers that dilute the purity and potency of the product.  Prana Fuels is also one of the only mushroom companies with complete control over its supply chain, and it promises that the hands touching your product are adults who make a living wage. Because Prana Fuel believes in giving back, 10% of its profits go to Our Rescue's Underground Railroad, a nonprofit that aims to eradicate the world of human slavery.