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Black Magic Alchemy Chaga Ritual Collection

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This Black Magic adaptogenic provisions collection features our sustainably wild harvested Canadian chaga mushroom in alchemy with superherbs to support your immune system, beautify your skin & awaken your brain.

From suds in the shower, to the evening herbal tea brew, we've got you covered with magic from the forest. Compounding interest occurs in the combination and pairing of this collection. Receive supernatural results quickly in this deep dive of the chaga consciousness.

Transform your awareness and unlock your intuitive energy field now.


Add the full bag of Black Magic Wild Chaga Tea into a medium pot with 3 liters of spring water. Brew the pieces of chaga on medium heat for 1 hour minimum (longer is better for nutrient extraction).. The water will turn to a rich dark amber color. Pour yourself a cup of magic to savor & enjoy.

  • Top off the pot with spring water between brews.
  • Leave pot on stove top between batches with the lid on.
  • You can brew your Wild Chaga Tea 21 times or until the water turns transparent.


Take 1 - 2 tablespoons of the Wild Chaga Elixir daily, day 'n' nite, with or without food. 

The unique herbal combination in the elixir makes it taste like nostalgic vanilla root beer. Yes, we like to save the best news for last! Feel the forest in your cup.

Turn every drink into a superfood by adding Black Magic to your daily coffee, smoothies, matcha lattes, desserts & bubbly water.


The Chaga Ritual Collection includes:

  • 1x Wild Chaga Elixir | Ancestral Rootbeer  (8 oz | 14 day supply)

  • 1x Wild Chaga Elixir | Ancestral Rootbeer (16.9 oz | 33 day supply)

  • 1x Wild Harvested Chaga Tea (3 oz | 30 day supply)

  • 1x Fifty Shades of Chaga Soap (5 oz | 30 day supply)

Brand Story

Black Magic is an adaptogenic formula of wild chaga mushroom & superherbs helping to enhance mental clarity, support immunity, sexify skin & awaken your brain. Black Magic harvests chaga sustainably with love in Canadian birch forests & extracts it along with superherbs to taste naughty & fun, like guilt-free candy. 

Black Magic Alchemy Chaga Ritual Collection

Black Magic Alchemy Chaga Ritual Collection