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Black Magic Alchemy Wild Mushroom Soap+ Cosmic Superboost

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Skin Sexifying Soap with a Cosmic Superboost+

Artisan handmade cold process organic soap cured for 6 weeks, infused with skin nourishing wild medicinal mushrooms, forest essential oils & tonic herbs, wrapped in antibacterial merino wool for extra exfoliation & cleansing with a deep layer of thick creamy lather. 

These special antibacterial fibers make the soap last 3 months and produce a thick creamy lather every-time that makes you feel like luxurious spiritual royalty. 

Endow yourself with an etheric & cosmic glow. 


The suds capturing lather of the merino wool endows these wild chaga mushroom soaps with a lifespan of 3 MONTHS, plus makes them easy to hold for anyone who struggles with dropping a slippery bar of soap.

Cosmic Colour+

Naturally garment dyed options that cover the cosmic rainbow, so you never know which chakra energy boost you're about to receive.


Perfect if you're traveling on vacation or camping under the milky way with the antibacterial, breathable & odor resistant properties of the wool, as the soap bar dries extremely fast for easy transportation.

May your bathing be bountiful. 




Our wild harvested Canadian chaga contains the world's richest dose of the antioxidant "MELANIN", a nutrient that unlocks vibrant layers of colour found within your skin, keeping it vibrant, hydrated and supple. It can also help to protect both the skin and hair from sun damage, aging spots, eczema and psoriasis.

Pure plant origin "betulin" is the substance found in the white birch bark that chaga grows in symbiosis with and absorbs into itself. This bio-active pure plant origin BETULIN protects your skin from harmful environmental effects.


The benzoin resin found in our soap is known to kill germs, reduce swelling, and stop bleeding from small cuts. Benzoin is also used topically for skin ulcers, bedsores, and cracked skin. Chaga mushroom's historic use in this arena makes it a perfect ally to seal and protect exterior skin wounds, much the same way it does on the living birch trees should they be scared or cut.


To add to the beautiful scent of the soap we use bergamot citrus oil which also contains anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic compounds, as well as stimulates the secretion of hormones which lessen nerve sensitivity and act as a natural painkiller. Chaga's contribution to the cause here is it's studied and proven effects on lessening inflammatory issues from concussions to injuries.


Reishi is the queen of mushrooms, and likeso the best play is to harvest sustainably in her natural queendom of the forest, not from rice paddies and stagnant logs. 

Within the eterical woodlands of Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, our Red Reishi draws up the monoatomic ormus minerals of sulfur, silicon, carbon and hydrogen from the forest soil and concentrates that liberating energy in spherical shaped spores that can be accessed for cosmic activation or a trip to distant solar stars

Red Reishi mushroom covers the gambit of spiritual and bodily activations with its exhibition of skin nutrients and antioxidant chains that magnetize water from the environment “polyporically” and into your skin, keeping you well hydrated and at glow. 

Trinitys of polysaccharides, beta glucans and ganoderic acid synergistically soften skin, reduce inflammation and defend against premature aging. 


Our wild chaga is harvested with love from living birch trees in Ontario, Canada, in it's perfect maturity stage of 20+ years old which allows it to absorb it's full potential of mineral, vitamin, antioxidant & enzyme content to be the MOST nourishing.

We geotag harvesting locations to stay present with growth patterns to keep this denizen of the forest proliferating. Blessing the tree pre-harvest, speaking words of gratitude for the forest providing such a rare and divine treasure is our religion.

Stay Magic!

Brand Story

Black Magic is an adaptogenic formula of wild chaga mushroom & superherbs helping to enhance mental clarity, support immunity, sexify skin & awaken your brain. Black Magic harvests chaga sustainably with love in Canadian birch forests & extracts it along with superherbs to taste naughty & fun, like guilt-free candy. 

Black Magic Alchemy Wild Mushroom Soap+ Cosmic Superboost

Black Magic Alchemy Wild Mushroom Soap+ Cosmic Superboost