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Good Pharma Brain Gain™* – Coffee & Mushroom Infusion

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This fresh brew coffee infusion, enhanced with Lion’s Mane Mushroom extract, supports brain power.* Enjoy a sustained, “jitter free” journey in getting your creative juices flowing. Each Good Pharma Pour-Over Infuser contains roasted Arabica coffee blended with our proprietary Rxtract™ (see Supplement Panel). These alchemized particles infuse focused clarity through a precisely potent serving of key ingredients.*

What’s it taste like? Think dark roast Arabica coffee with rich chocolate notes!

INDULGE IN HIGHER BEING. That’s our mantra as we deliciously revive old-world wellness practices from “Nature’s Pharma” with the power of modern science. A vibrant life thrives with proactive practices of self-care, liberating what's possible from the inside out. Good Pharma’s Pour-Over Fresh Brews engage the senses in a satiating ritual elevating you to the top of your game. Revel in a powerfully effective, yet craveable path to a balanced, optimized life!*

Brain Gain-Gluten Free-Vegan-Kosher-Nondairy



Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom fruiting body extract, Glycine, Rhodiola root extract, L-Theanine, Inulin, Natural Flavors

Brand Story

Committed to providing people with powerful blends of ingredients in a tasty nourishing practice, Good Pharma foraged across the globe for the best and highest quality mushrooms and plant-based adaptogens. Good Pharma conferred with keepers of ancient medicinal knowledge, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurveda and applied modern science to deliver precision potency — maximum health-supporting benefits to anyone willing to embrace the idea of alternative pharma. "Nature’s pharma". Good Pharma™.*

Good Pharma Brain Gain™* – Coffee & Mushroom Infusion

Good Pharma Brain Gain™* – Coffee & Mushroom Infusion