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Good Pharma Resilience* - Tea & Mushroom Infusion

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Support your immune system daily and become a force of nature! This rich, fresh brew of Chaga Mushroom, green tea and supportive botanicals are all powerful in antioxidant activity. Each Good Pharma Pour-Over Infuser contains Bancha green tea leaves blended with our proprietary Rxtract™ (see Supplement Panel). These alchemized particles infuse robust vitality through a precisely potent serving of key ingredients. Not your average, thin cup of tea. Instead, this infusion treats you to a delightful mouthfeel and texture derived from key plant ingredients.*

What’s it taste like? Think, rich yet delicate green tea with a hint of berry!

INDULGE IN HIGHER BEING. That’s our mantra as we deliciously revive old-world wellness practices from “Nature’s Pharma” with the power of modern science. A vibrant life thrives with proactive practices of self-care, liberating what's possible from the inside out. Good Pharma’s Pour-Over Fresh Brews engage the senses in a satiating ritual elevating you to the top of your game. Revel in a powerfully effective, yet craveable path to a balanced, optimized life!*

Resilience-Gluten Free-Vegan-Kosher


Organic Chaga Mushroom fruiting body extract, Organic Tea (as Bancha) Leaf, Organic Strawberry leaf, Organic Chinese Blackberry leaf, Organic Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) leaf, Organic Goji (Lycium barbarum) leaf

Brand Story

Committed to providing people with powerful blends of ingredients in a tasty nourishing practice, Good Pharma foraged across the globe for the best and highest quality mushrooms and plant-based adaptogens. Good Pharma conferred with keepers of ancient medicinal knowledge, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurveda and applied modern science to deliver precision potency — maximum health-supporting benefits to anyone willing to embrace the idea of alternative pharma. "Nature’s pharma". Good Pharma™.*

Good Pharma Resilience* - Tea & Mushroom Infusion

Good Pharma Resilience* - Tea & Mushroom Infusion