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Pan's Mushroom Jerky - Applewood BBQ

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Pan's Applewood BBQ Mushroom Jerky is sweet, smoky, with that delicious BBQ flavor all can enjoy.


Organic dried shiitake mushrooms, avocado oil, organic coconut sugar, water, Himalayan pink salt, organic applewood seasoning (Himalayan pink salt, *coconut sugar, *smoked paprika {*paprika, natural smoke flavor}, *chili pepper, *vinegar powder {*tapioca maltodextrin, *white vinegar}, *black pepper, citric acid, *garlic, *onion, *cayenne pepper, *sunflower oil), organic chia seeds. *Organic.

Pan's Story

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is a plant-based on-the-go snack made from shiitake mushrooms, based on a family recipe. With a delicious umami taste and satisfying meaty texture, Pan’s is vegan, high in fiber and vitamin D, paleo, soy-free and gluten-free, and very tasty!
Pan's Mushroom Jerky - Applewood BBQ - Multiverse Collective

Pan's Mushroom Jerky - Applewood BBQ