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Psychedelics: A Guide to Understanding and Investing - with Greg Kubin | EP 7

30 November, 2021

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In an industry that is starting to reach more and more people, Greg Kubin shares what to look for in psychedelic companies when trying to invest. He also tells his story of becoming a leader in the psychedelic innovation space, and what this looks like on a global scale. And the importance of returning to the origin, and respecting the cultures that have worked with these medicine for thousands of years.


About Guest

― Greg Kubin

Greg Kubin is a leader at the intersection of psychedelic medicine, mental health, and technology. He currently works as a partner at PsyMed Ventures, a syndicate and fund focused on psychedelic care and mental health tech. An investor, thinker, and super connector by nature, Greg is also the co-host of Business Trip, a podcast about psychedelic entrepreneurship. Greg’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to help build a healthier and happier world.

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