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  • Podcasts
  • Making Ketamine Therapy Mainstream - with Ronan Levy | EP 6

    Alli is joined today by founder of Field Trip, Ronan Levy. After finding success in the cannabis industry, Ronan founded a psychedelic therapy company specializing in Ketamine. He talks in depth about his story, normalizing and legalizing psychedelics, and even shares for the first time- his recent experience with Ketamine.

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  • The Power and Life-Changing Benefits of Psychedelics - with Blu | EP 5

    Alli sits down with artist, medicine woman, and podcast host Blu. Blu tells her story of rebirth, and how magic mushrooms played a big role in who she has become. She also shares the greatest lessons she has learned from psychedelics, and how she found strength in her greatest challenges. As a host of the Deja Blu Podcast, she dives deep into what it truly means to create media as medicine, and our responsibility of what we put into the world.

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  • Mushrooms are Misunderstood Magic - with Alli Schaper | EP 4

    Today Alli Schaper, the usual host of Into The Multiverse, is interviewed about her own story with mushrooms. She talks about her healing with mushrooms, and what inspired her to change careers and dedicate her life to them. She also goes deep on what it means for a company to operate like the mycelium network, and how mushrooms are changing in the world today.

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  • Inside the Psychedelic Medicine Industry - with Payton Nyquvest | EP 3

    Alli is joined today by Payton Nyquvest, CEO of Numinus, a publicly traded psychedelic wellness company. They dive deep on all things psychedelic healing, and the psychedelic industry as a whole. Numinus is a new approach to mental health, and is revolutionizing the way we see therapy. So Payton shares what he has learned from building a business in this new industry, and his views on others as they enter into the space.

  • Podcasts
  • Doctor Explains Psychedelics & Mental Health - with Dr. Christian Gonzalez | EP 2

    Alli is joined today by Dr. Christian Gonzalez, a naturopathic doctor who specializes in oncology. He shares his experience with psilocybin, and the perspective shifts that occurred in his life after using it. He also goes deep on mental health in our current health care system, and how it could benefit from the integration of psychedelic medicine.

  • Herbalist
  • Podcasts
  • How Mushrooms are Changing the World - with Danielle Broida | EP 1

    Today we are joined by Danielle Broida, a mushroom expert and representative for Four Sigmatic. Danielle shares her story of how the fungi kingdom found her, and how she turned her calling into a career. After years of studying mushrooms, she dives deep into the healing that can be found in the fungi kingdom.