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The True Potential in Psychedelic Therapy - with Lauren Taus | EP 9

24 January, 2022

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Lauren Taus, a Ketamine-assisted psychotherapist, explains the process of healing with psychedelic medicines, and how these compounds are changing the world. She goes deep on what Ketamine is, who it's for, and why it is so necessary in the realms of healing. She also breaks down the freedom that can be found in transforming our relationship with our emotions, learning to let go of the pain of the past.

LAUREN TAUS: Lauren Taus graduated summa cum laude from Barnard College at Columbia University in 2004 with a BA in Religion before continuing on to NYU for her Masters in Social Work. Lauren is licensed as a clinical therapist in both New York and California with a specialty in addiction and trauma treatment. 

As a clinician, Lauren integrates alternative modalities of treatment into her work. She trained with David Emerson under the supervision of Bessel van der Kolk at The Trauma Institute in Boston in trauma sensitive yoga, and she’s trained by the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) for MDMA assisted psychotherapy for complex PTSD.


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