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How Psychedelics Changed My Life - with Nimai Delgado | Into the Multiverse Podcast EP 17

From accidentally taking LSD at 12 years old, to using Ayahuasca to become more authentic - Vegan BodyBuilder, Nimai Delgado, shares his experiences with psychedelics, and how they made him the person he is today. He shares the stories that most people don't know about him, and how he used psychedelics to heal. From Engineering, to Bodybuilding, to Podcast hosting, Nimai is in a constant evolution to become more aligned with his authentic truth.

Artistic Expression, Embodiment, & Psychedelics - Bianca Taylor | Into the Multiverse Podcast EP 16

Fitness Coach, Content Creator, and Artist, Bianca Taylor, shares her story of coming into her authentic embodiment & how plant medicine played a role in it. She explains how psychedelics inspired her to tap into her creative expression and begin to heal her own trauma. Today, she uses her platform of over 1 million followers to empower others through sexuality, spirituality, and stepping into true authenticity.

Healing from the "Inside Out" - with Nutritionist Mona Sharma | Into the Multiverse Podcast EP15

Celebrity Nutritionist, Mona Sharma, shares her insights on healing from within, with tools like cold plunges, diet, mushrooms, and mindset. After experiencing issues with her heart, Mona turned her life around and began to focus on healing. Today, she inspires others with the wisdom and empowerment to make real change in their lives. She tells her story today and how mushrooms (functional & psychedelic) have played a big role in it.

Life Advice from a Real Ninja - with Travis Brewer | Into the Multiverse Podcast EP 13

Alli is joined by American Ninja Warrior, Travis Brewer, to discuss what it takes to become a fitness ninja. Travis tells his story of being an athlete at age 30, and how he realized that in life - the possibilities are truly endless. He also dives deep on how functional mushrooms have changed the game for him, and his experiences with using psychedelic mushrooms.

Doctor Explains Healing Trauma with Psychedelics - with Dr. Mary Pardee | Into the Multiverse EP14

Dr. Mary Pardee explains what trauma is, where it comes from, and how we can begin to heal our trauma. She shares how traumatic experiences impact our whole body, and have the capability to cause illness. And how we can use tools like psychedelic therapy to unwind these experiences and begin to heal. She also dives deep into what we currently know about Safety with SSRIs and Psychedelics.

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  • Progressive DMT Dosing for Deep Healing - with Medicine Woman Flor | EP 12

    Feminine Medicine Woman, Flor, shares her insights from working with DMT for years. She tells her wisdom on how to serve the medicine with integrity & intuition - tapping into the feminine knowing. For anyone looking to explore this healing modality in a safe way, she shares what to look for in medicine carriers & the importance of set and setting.

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  • Psychedelic Journalist Talks Legalization & Integrity - with Shelby | EP 11

    Shelby Hartman, CEO of DoubleBlind, shares her insights on integrity within the psychedelic industry, as it continues to become more mainstream. As Co-Founder of a media company that educates people on psychedelics, she discusses how things are changing as plant medicine begins the process of legalization, and why it is so important to honor the spirit of the plants and the indigenous cultures that carry them. On a personal note, she also tells about her experiences with psychedelics, and how they have shaped the person she is today.

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  • Chapter 2 - Into The Multiverse: The Future of Psychedelic Wellness X Microdosing 11.3.21

    A dinner series brought to you by The Multiverse. We believe that together, we rise. We are gathering remarkable thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates in our community from diverse sides of the industry to engage in conversation about the promising momentum of psychedelics.

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  • The True Potential in Psychedelic Therapy - with Lauren Taus | EP 9

    Lauren Taus, a Ketamine-assisted psychotherapist, explains the process of healing with psychedelic medicines, and how these compounds are changing the world. She goes deep on what Ketamine is, who it's for, and why it is so necessary in the realms of healing. She also breaks down the freedom that can be found in transforming our relationship with our emotions, learning to let go of the pain of the past.