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  • Progressive DMT Dosing for Deep Healing - with Medicine Woman Flor | EP 12

    Feminine Medicine Woman, Flor, shares her insights from working with DMT for years. She tells her wisdom on how to serve the medicine with integrity & intuition - tapping into the feminine knowing. For anyone looking to explore this healing modality in a safe way, she shares what to look for in medicine carriers & the importance of set and setting.

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  • Psychedelic Journalist Talks Legalization & Integrity - with Shelby | EP 11

    Shelby Hartman, CEO of DoubleBlind, shares her insights on integrity within the psychedelic industry, as it continues to become more mainstream. As Co-Founder of a media company that educates people on psychedelics, she discusses how things are changing as plant medicine begins the process of legalization, and why it is so important to honor the spirit of the plants and the indigenous cultures that carry them. On a personal note, she also tells about her experiences with psychedelics, and how they have shaped the person she is today.

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  • Chapter 2 - Into The Multiverse: The Future of Psychedelic Wellness X Microdosing 11.3.21

    A dinner series brought to you by The Multiverse. We believe that together, we rise. We are gathering remarkable thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates in our community from diverse sides of the industry to engage in conversation about the promising momentum of psychedelics.

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  • The True Potential in Psychedelic Therapy - with Lauren Taus | EP 9

    Lauren Taus, a Ketamine-assisted psychotherapist, explains the process of healing with psychedelic medicines, and how these compounds are changing the world. She goes deep on what Ketamine is, who it's for, and why it is so necessary in the realms of healing. She also breaks down the freedom that can be found in transforming our relationship with our emotions, learning to let go of the pain of the past.

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  • Mental Health & Magic Mushrooms - with Devon Levesque | EP 10

    Devon Levesque talks about mental health struggles & how magic mushrooms are helping people overcome them. He shares his personal story of losing his father to suicide, and how it inspired him to do the work he is doing today. As someone who lives life with no boundaries, Devon is always challenging himself - whether it is bear-crawling a marathon or climbing a mountain, he is a reminder to live life to the absolute fullest.

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  • The Secret to Keeping Love Alive in Relationships - with Bee & Azrya Bequer | EP 8

    Alli is joined today by Benjamin & Azrya Bequer to dive deep into their new book, "BEQOMING". They share their story of falling in love, choosing devotion, and how they've grown along the way. Revealing that relationships can be a great tool for personal development and finding freedom within ourselves & our partners. They also share how Plant Medicine has played a role in supporting their journeys.

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  • Psychedelics: A Guide to Understanding and Investing - with Greg Kubin | EP 7

    In an industry that is starting to reach more and more people, Greg Kubin shares what to look for in psychedelic companies when trying to invest. He also tells his story of becoming a leader in the psychedelic innovation space, and what this looks like on a global scale. And the importance of returning to the origin, and respecting the cultures that have worked with these medicine for thousands of years.

  • Articles
  • 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sleep and to Reduce Your Stress

    Tiredness is a hugely common and growing concern among adults. This ever-increasing problem is worrying because when we're tired, we start to jeopardize our health, immunity and concentration levels, all of which could lead to much more significant issues if not addressed quickly. Particularly considering the mayhem and madness of 2020!

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  • How Merging Mushrooms With Stress Management Could Help You Live Longer!

    Throughout life, everyone experiences feelings of stress and, in short bursts, this experience can be not only good for you but incredibly useful. According to experts, short term stress boosts performance as well as firing up our immune system.